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Weekend Update

This past weekend I took an Advanced Digital Photography class with some friends from town (my bowling partner Peter, Michelle and Liane — actually we all did playgroup together, that’s how we met). Would I recommend this to anyone who wants to kick it up a notch?   Yes, for sure.   It wasn’t necessarily the nitty […]

I’m a-itchin’

Yeah, I’ve got that itch again and no amount of cream is going to make it go away :). I really would like to “take it up a notch” with my picture taking and get back into taking action shots of the kids playing sports (soccer, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, etc.). A friend, who shall remain […]

A post for Penni

I found this a while back and keep forgetting to put it up here… it’s an oldie but goodie and I’m sure John will be thrilled I found it!

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