Business Resume



The Internet Design Company


From 1/96              OWNER/Consultant – Wilbraham, MA
To Present            


  • Teach adult education class on how to use iPad and iPad Mini devices, teach students how to use the hardware, and all of the features of the iOS (currently iOS 8). Update the program each year as Apple updates the iOS. Fall and Spring sessions – Adult Education, Minnechaug Regional High School. Topics include integration of iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) with OSX devices (iMac/MacBook,etc.).


  • Create web sites and provide web hosting for small to medium businesses. Utilize various technologies to create web sites.   Programming technologies include PHP, Active Server Page (ASP).   Utilize Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL and MySQL for database backend. Utilize CMS software such as WordPress to create content-rich websites.


  • Create documentation and training materials for clients. Provide on-site and remote training.


  • Provide Desktop and Network services (upgrades, installations) for small to medium businesses in Springfield (Mass.) and Connecticut areas.


  • Develop and execute migration strategies for businesses moving from older technologies (i.e. Windows XP, Office 2003) to newer technologies (Windows 7, 8, Office 2010, 2013) as well as migration from Windows/PC to Mac.


  • Provide hardware and software specifications for customers for upgrades and additions to their network infrastructure. Work with vendors to ensure best pricing for customers.


Jamie Mastrio Photography & Action Sport Pix

www.jamiemastriophotography &


From 1/2008          OWNER – Wilbraham, MA
To Present

  • Teach novice photographers how to use their DSLR cameras – Photography 101 – Fall and Spring sessions – Adult Education, Minnechaug Regional High School.


  • Extensive experience using Adobe Photoshop (CS5 Extended) and Lightroom.


  • Cultivate new business opportunities in surrounding communities.


  • Coordinate with clients, business partners, and other contacts, those activities surrounding Team and Individual picture day events.


  • Hire, train and coordinate all staff (picture day helpers, camera operators, and other staff working with Action Sport Pix)


  • Ensure timely and accurate delivery of photo products to our clients.


From 5/98              CONSULTANT Pfizer – Groton, CT
To 9/2000             

  • Web services. Coordinate internal web page creation, modifications and deletions.


  • Work with end users to define hardware requirements (CPU and Disk Space) and work with Corporate I.T. (CIT) to purchase hardware configurations to support users needs.


  • Windows NT support. Assigned to the NT Team in Clinical Business Support Unit. Work through various issues surrounding the NT environment. Communicate end user needs to (CIT) and ensure their requests are being met in a timely manner.


  • Specified and implement test lab environment consisting of: Windows NT Servers (SMS, SQL, Exchange, Seagate Winstall, Ghost, and IIS 4.0) and Windows 95/NT workstations.


  • Coordinate with CBSU technical owners in Y2K certification of PCs and other supported devices.


  • Develop and implement Y2K certification plans for end user-created desktop applications.


  • Determine the Y2K compliance status of U.S. Clinical commercial software products; coordinate to replace them or upgrade as required.


  • Provide overall project technical support as needed. Supervise two full-time consultants.



Bentley College, Waltham, MA.

To 5/98

  • Manage a team of five full time employees and two part-time students. Responsible for escalated Help Desk issues that could not be resolved by the front line staff. Direct large-scale projects and resource planning.


  • Responsible for timely delivery of new computers, computer upgrades, software installations and software upgrades to 1000+ faculty and staff including all computer labs.


  • Responsible for all new hardware and software evaluations for purchase by the college.


  • Successful Citrix server evaluation. Includes user account maintenance, program installation, documentation, user profile maintenance, and testing. Rollout to thirty users for testing.


  • Responsible for campus wide computer inventories.


To 7/97

  • Project manager for campus wide rollout of Windows 95/Office 95 to » 1000 clients. Responsible for standardized image creation, rollout schedule and coordination of team members. Project completed four weeks ahead of schedule.


  • Setup and maintenance of three Windows NT Servers used for data backup, campus wide program distribution and new technology testing.


  • Mail project manager. Responsible for coordination, testing and implementation of a GUI based mail package.


  • Successful migration of several critical DOS based database applications to Windows GUI based applications (Microsoft Access, Lotus Approach).



Number Nine Visual Technology, Lexington, MA.


From 8/95              QUALITY ASSURANCE TEAM LEADER – OS/2 and NT

To 12/95

  • Manage testing resources for OS/2, Windows NT, AutoCAD and Microstation driver testing. This included both in-house and external resources.


  • Design comprehensive test plans. Modified the test plans as products (hardware and software) change. Coordinated test plans with other team leaders.


  • Supervise the QA Technician assigned to non-windows driver testing. Assist Windows team leaders as necessary.


  • Complete accurate release notes, ensured accurate and consistent readme files.




The Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford, CT. (From November 1986 to August 1995)


From 1/95              LEAD SYSTEM SPECIALIST
To 8/95

  • Responsible for level 2 and level 3 OS/2 support and on-site training.


  • Serve as backup product manager for level 2 and level 3 Microsoft Windows 3.11, ’95 and NT support and training.


  • Responsible for OS/2, Windows ‘95, Windows NT operating system level testing, acceptance and distribution.


  • Responsible for CID (Customization, Installation and Distribution) process that is used for pristine installs and upgrades of OS/2 and other CID enabled products.


  • Assist in creation of the Travelers standardized image server, which is used in conjunction with new loads and upgrades of client and server workstations.



To 12/94

  • Participate on self-directed teams that provide telephonic and dispatch support to home office and field office employees.


  • Served as team leader.   Managed group of ten help desk support technicians.


  • Responsible for maintenance of knowledge base (TOP of Mind Help Desk) used by Travelers Consolidated Support Center, which included conversion of existing databases from FoxPro to Microsoft SQL Server.


  • Provide senior management with daily Help Desk performance reports.


  • Participate on management task force. This team is responsible for identifying the Traveler’s “top ten” problems and developing long-term solutions.


To 8/93

  • LAN Administrator. Duties included on-going maintenance of external resources, adding and deleting users and providing access privileges for 135 users. Install PC and LAN software.


  • Responsible for installation support, troubleshooting and software upgrade and support of 250 individual IBM PC workstations from XT/AT to PS/2 Models 50,55,60,70,90 and 95. Provided training for new technologies.


  • On-going maintenance of existing Clipper programs. Conversion of existing code for compatibility with LAN environment.



From 1/96        Business Administration: Coursework completed in Computer Information Systems (3.5

To 5/98            CUM)  

Morse School of Business, Hartford, CT

From 4/86            Microcomputer Programming High Honors (4.0)

To 9/86    




Productivity Software Operating Systems
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 (Mac) Apple – Mac OS X Operating Systems

(10.3.x Panther, 10.4.x Tiger, 10.5.x Leopard, Snow Leopard 10.6.x, Lion 10.7.x, Mountain Lion 10.8.x, Mavericks 10.9.x, Yosemite 10.10.x)

Adobe Lightroom 5 (Mac) Apple iOS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (Mac) Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0, 5.0, 6.0
Apple software (iMovie, iDVD, Keynote, Pages, Numbers) Windows 2003 Server, 2008 (Web Edition), R3
Microsoft Office 4.3, ’95, ’97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2010 Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
Microsoft Office 2004, 2008, 2011 (Mac)  
Microsoft SQL Server  Hardware
MySQL 5.x Apple iMac
  Apple iPad//Mini/Air
  Apple iPhone 3, 4, 5, 6
  Apple Macbook Air
Programming Languages Apple Macbook Pro
Active Server Page (ASP), VBScript, JavaScript Apple Powerbook G4
Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 Various PCs, desktop and latptops – too many to list.
PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) 5.x  
  Nikon D700 (digital SLR camera)
Content Management Software Nikon D3S (digital SLR camera)
Joomla! (up to v2.5) Nikon SB-800 (speedlight flashes)
WordPress (up to and including v4.1) Canon S9000 printers
  Canon Pro9000 Mark II printers
  Paul C. Buff White Lightning X1600, X800 strobes