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Fun with Nikon D3s

I had a friend recently ask me to take some pictures of his daughter who plays basketball for Northampton.   So far this year, I have taken exactly ZERO pictures of basketball, mainly because the lighting in local high school gyms is pretty bad (and that’s being generous).   You’d think that since Liz made Varsity, I’d […]

Morning light thru the trees

I was backing out of our driveway to bring the kids to school and I actually stopped, got out, grabbed my camera and took this shot… it was too cool to miss…

Nikon 70-200 f2.8G AF-S VR

    Yep, I bought one.   My photography friends all know about it, because I’ve been flaunting it around 🙂 I’m really digging this lens!   It took me a LOONG time to make the decision to pull the trigger on one of these, mainly because of the cost.   It IS expensive, but the quality of […]

15,651 and counting!

That’s right, that’s the number of shutter actuations  on my Nikon D90 as of this afternoon! Hard to believe that in less than a year, I’ve taken over 15,000 pictures with that camera.   Actually, on 10/28/09, I will have had the camera for one year. Not bad, eh? By comparison, my D70, which I bought just […]

Happy New Year! Fun with Tilt-Shift Photography

Happy New Year! My newly purchased copy of Photoshop CS4 Extended is way cool, so much more powerful and easy to use than previous versions! Here’s a little something I did – I’ll write more about my weekend, but here are a couple of pictures… did you know I was into miniatures?? 🙂

It’s full of stars…

This month’s raw was “Motion”.   Admittedly, I had a lot of problems with coming up with something that was “Motion” – I tried several different things (slow shutter with moving objects), but they just didn’t work out and I was getting frustrated. I’ve been reading Shutterbug magazine, it has some pretty cool articles, and […]

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