15,651 and counting!

That’s right, that’s the number of shutter actuations  on my Nikon D90 as of this afternoon!

Hard to believe that in less than a year, I’ve taken over 15,000 pictures with that camera.   Actually, on 10/28/09, I will have had the camera for one year.

D90 Image Count

D90 Image Count

Not bad, eh?

By comparison, my D70, which I bought just over four years ago (almost to the day) has a mere 8832 actuations…

D70 Image Count

D70 Image Count

I used a nifty command-line utility called “ExifTool”, which you run in Terminal on your Mac.   You can download it here.

In the Nikon, you’re looking for the line item that says: Image Number.

Okay, so here’s #15,651:

Pete's Shed

Pete's Shed

Had some fun at my friend Peter’s house, his back yard is beautiful, so I took a bunch of pictures with my new lens!

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Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
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“Actuations” is a fancy word for shutter clicks. I used a product called ExifTool, it runs on a Mac. You run it from Terminal – sorta like DOS from the olden days of PC’s…

Basically, it’s a command line tool that extracts all the EXIF information from your pictures, showing you tons of cool information, of which 99.9% you’d never care about.

The one I was interested in was “Image Number”, which tells you how many “clicks” you’ve made with your camera.

Cool, huh?

September 3rd, 2009

How does one figure out how to do this? You’re such a geek 😉 I never even heard that word before . . . actuations. Did I spell it right?

September 3rd, 2009
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