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How to fix Nikon Capture NX2 problem in Yosemite

I had a interesting issue while setting up  my new iMac today.  Most of the software I had on the old iMac came over just fine, except Nikon Capture NX2.  I can’t remember what I did when I copied it over originally, but it worked, and I thought I could just copy it over again […]

Strange little icon in the Print dialogue box…

I think I missed this – unless it’s a new feature to Snow Leopard – I just never noticed this little icon before: I circled it… that little plug next to the Canon S9000.   I NEVER saw that before!   I’m sure it’s something that’s been in OS X for years, I just never had a […]

More cool gadgets

My cousin Paula reminded me of another few cool products that I discovered over the summer.   Now that I have a nifty iPhone, the need for portable power has become more necessary, especially if I’m going to be away from a power source for an extended period of time. I found this on a trip […]

Coolest product I’ve used in years

All I can say is: “Where have you been all my life???”. I was browsing a catalog (I get tons and tons of them) the other day and came across something that looked pretty interesting – a USB Universal Adapter. As you read this, you might be saying, um, yeah right, interesting – but IT […]

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