I think I missed this – unless it’s a new feature to Snow Leopard – I just never noticed this little icon before:

Mystery PlugI circled it… that little plug next to the Canon S9000.   I NEVER saw that before!   I’m sure it’s something that’s been in OS X for years, I just never had a situation where one of my printers was UNPLUGGED!   I guess now I   know if I see that little icon, someone kicked the plug :).

Now I remember, it must have been when I was playing with Tethering my camera to my iMac.   I wanted to see if it worked and I must have inadvertently pulled the wrong USB plug out of the hub!   Phew, I feel better now.

The tethering DID work.   Aperture has this ability built in – Lightroom, on the other hand, wasn’t so easy.   After a bit of digging I did find a plug-in and I’ll talk about that a bit more in-depth in another post.

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