How to fix Nikon Capture NX2 problem in Yosemite


I had a interesting issue while setting up  my new iMac today.  Most of the software I had on the old iMac came over just fine, except Nikon Capture NX2.  I can’t remember what I did when I copied it over originally, but it worked, and I thought I could just copy it over again and hit the ground running… NOPE.

The issue was that the copied version of Nikon Capture NX2 would not accept my Product Key – no matter how I typed it in, it rejected it.

When I tried to download a fresh copy from Nikon’s website and install from there, I got a message that the version was not new enough to run the software.  Clearly a programming bug, because I’m running 10.10.1 Yosemite.  

After a bit of digging I found an answer that worked!  Here are the steps I used:

1.) Mount the disc image that you downloaded, best would be the full version 2.4.7

2.) Open the Terminal application

3.) Enter the following two commands (copy/paste them so that spaces etc get entered and used properly):

                      1) cd /Volumes/Capture\ NX\ 2\ Setup/

                      2) cp -R .Capture\ NX\ Setup.pkg ~/desktop/Capture\ NX\ Setup.pkg

4.) Open the NX-2 2.4.7 dmg file.

5.) Right click on “Capture NX 2” and select Show Package Contents.

6.) Navigate to Contents > Resources and delete:




7.) Close your Finder window

8.) Double click on Capture NX Setup.pkg – follow the prompts


This installed a fresh copy of Capture NX2 and I was then able to successfully input my Product Key.


Just in case anyone else ran into this out there 🙂



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Tuesday, January 6th, 2015
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