Just a quick plug for a band that’s up and coming, from the bass player of dada: X Levitation Cult.

Like the sounds coming out of Seattle these days – especially Joie Calio’s latest project. Check out the music here:


I’m hoping he puts the final touches on the new CD and TOUR so we can get a bunch of friends together and check it out. It’ll be good, no, GREAT I’m sure! With any luck they’ll be on the East Coast and close enough to Springfield/Hartford!

On a personal note, I’m forming a new band myself! I’m somewhat excited (although Dan’s still in it LOL), but seriously, the best part is that I have a pretty smokin’ drummer and not two, not three, but FOUR people who can sing and harmonize… I can hardly contain myself on that one!!!

Stay tuned, hope to be playing out in late December/early January.

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