So, you ever get the feeling like something just isn’t right?

Last night was fairly busy for Eileen and I – had to bring James to a doctor appointment, come back and do all kinds of homework… then I had to go get a babysitter, bring her back home and then run to my first ever PTO meeting. Eileen had a hair appointment – that wasn’t so “busy”, but she had to do some running around anyways.

We both got home around 9pm and after we put Lizzy to bed (we watched a bit of Drake and Josh) we watched a bit of the WNBA Finals (Detroit won) and the Red Sox game (the sox won), both were really good games! The basketball game ran a bit late, and we didn’t get to bed until 11:30.

Both of us COULD NOT fall asleep. This was unusual because we both were exhausted. I just kept tossing and turning and finally I couldn’t take it anymore. Eileen even tried putting on the air-conditioner fan for “white noise”, but it wasn’t working.

I decided it was time for some warm milk… so, down I went to get some.

It was one of those eerie feelings going downstairs in the dark… I always think about when I was a kid and had anxiety about going downstairs in the middle of the night and for a moment I felt like that! I looked out the front door as I walked down the stairs and happened to notice a car coming down the street – with no street lights, the headlights from a car really light the front yard up.

The car passed by and I noticed that there was an awful lot of light still in the driveway – I thought that maybe the car pulled in our driveway, but it was already after midnight, who would be coming over at that hour? I looked a bit closer and the headlights on my car were on. Eileen had taken my car for service yesterday, so I called up to her “hey, you left my lights on” and I’m thinking GOOD THING, the car would have been dead in the morning.

Eileen sprang out of bed and came down stairs, “I can’t believe this – I LEFT THE CAR RUNNING”!! See, she thought she was going to bring home the babysitter, so when she came home she left the car running, came in the house and expected to go right back out to bring her home. I had already brought home the babysitter so we proceeded to make a late dinner and settled in to watch baseball, basketball, etc.

Something made us RESTLESS otherwise I would have woken up to not only a dead car but one without GAS as well!! It’s like one of those times that God is trying to tell you something? I still don’t know why I came downstairs, I almost never get up for “warm milk”.


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