I went to the CT Culinary Institute yesterday to check out their course offerings… I’m considering taking the Advanced Culinary program there… but as much as I like to cook, I really like taking pictures too – of course,   I can do both, but not as well as I’d like to.   Both are hobbies and just like sometimes I take a good picture, sometimes I come up with a good dish.   (perhaps more than sometimes, but you get my drift)

It does come at a cost, in excess of $25,000 – BUT when I looked into a similar program at a local photography school, their program was a whopping $45,000!   Did I mention that these were 10 month courses???   Well, the cooking one is 10 months in-school and 4 months externship (where you get paid to “intern”).

Not sure what to do.   If I were to open my own business (for cooking) then I think taking the course to tighten up the skills I already possess would be a good idea.   I can’t say that I’m looking to get a job in a kitchen somewhere making $10/hr. – I could make $10/hr. putting postage on envelopes.   Although it’s not about the money, I can’t even do something I like for crappy pay, it doesn’t make me feel rewarded.

So, over the next several months, I have to make a decision:

1) stay the course, continue with web site stuff (perhaps take a course or two and hone my skills)

2) cooking

3) photography

4) a hybrid of all of the above

Hmmm, now that I think of it, perhaps I should become a FOOD STYLIST!

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