Two things I seem to have completely dropped off of… blogging and taking pictures.

The first is because suddenly, I don’t feel like I have anything to say. Well, actually, I have plenty to say, but I guess I don’t want to necessarily publish some of my thoughts. It could be that I just don’t want to deal with thinking through whatever it is on my mind so that I have a complete thought to put on the blog, OR that I’m afraid that someone I know might actually read what I write and totally piss-off someone in the process.

Not that anyone reads my blog except perhaps my cousin and a few other people. BUT I’d hate for some random person to happen across the blog that might be from town and then having to deal with putting an opinion out there that someone doesn’t like.

It kind of makes me feel like I’m being a wimp in a way, but in another way, I just don’t feel like dealing with the BS that can go around in this town. Since I sometimes feel like an outsider (mainly because of some of the townies make you feel like that), I feel like I have to be careful how hard I tread on toes around here for my kids’ sake.

But I digress – this isn’t really about feeling like I’m either being included or excluded, it’s really about not having much to say in this forum.   I’ll work on that, just to get the other random thoughts out of my head and on to the computer.

THAT being said, another thing that I’ve let slide ALOT since coming back from the beach is my PhotoBlog. We had been doing various subjects or themes for the past several months and it’s really helped keep me on track and interested in taking pictures or even looking at the pictures I’ve already taken. I’ll suggest the next round of subjects and perhaps that’ll get the ball rolling again. The website is Dig Our Pics and it’s alot of fun trying to find and take pictures that match that week’s theme.

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