Ya, I’m a nut case… Eileen wanted to get P90X for her birthday, and I couldn’t say no – mainly because I never know what to get her – so I was PSYCHED that she told me what she wanted (and wanted what she got).

Why am I a nut case for giving her P90X? No, it’s not because I gave her P90X, it’s because I started doing it with her!

P90X should stand for Pain for 90 eXcruciating days! I was in so much pain the day after the first workout, that I literally had to pass on the next day. I couldn’t lift my arms to save my life. Now, I know that I’ll get better, and I’m going to try like heck to get back on the band-wagon today, even though I toughed it through bowling six strings today (one was a 192)…

I almost forgot how much pain working out could be… I guess I need to tell my trainer to kick it up a notch with the weights, because some lousy sit-ups and push-ups darn near wiped me out for good!

If I can even half-ass keep it up for 90 days, on top of my bike training and weights, I think I’ll be in good shape. All I want is to get back under a 40″ waistline for the first time in a long time. I really can’t afford to stay on this path, because it will only lead to a shorter life and I really want to be around for my grand kids (a long LONG time from now).

I’ll report more after I do the next workout — that is if I can lift my arms :).

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