I know that I’m supposed to be doing this stuff in order, but since I’m not actually “doing” P90X, I figure it’s okay if I follow along with what Eileen is doing.

I had to take a break between DVD 1 and 2, mainly because my upper body was so sore that if I had done them back to back, my WHOLE body would have been killing me and that would be enough to make me stop.

So, Eileen was doing Yoga on Saturday, and I agreed to do it with her.

Okay, let’s just say this – I really thought Yoga was going to be “easy”?   No such luck.   It made me realize just how much work I have to do and how far behind I really am!   Holy crap, it was hard!

The first 20 minutes were not easy at all, I was really struggling to keep up with the pace.   I think it was because I have absolutely no idea what the moves are, so I kept having to look at the TV and then fall out of whatever position I was supposed to be doing.   The next 20 minutes were just torture, I really didn’t know what I was doing, but tried my best (which I guess is what I’m supposed to d0).

Finally, there was the balance piece and stretching, etc.   I thought I had decent balance, but again, I was surprised on how hard it really was.

I’ll be better next round, but for now, all I can say is that if I was being graded, I probably got a D-.

I need to swing back around to #3 & #4, which I’ll hit this week… but I am happy to report that the Yoga bit did help me alot with the pain I was still feeling after #2.

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