I’ve been busy, even though there isn’t much content, on putting together a MySpace and Facebook page for my new band: Liquid Agenda

We went up to this fun site called http://www.bandnamemaker.com/ and came up with a bunch of wild names… most of them were too off the wall, but one stuck out: Liquid Agenda.

It seemed to make the most sense, even though none of us necessarily are big drinkers any more, but it gives folks the idea of what to do when they come out to see us and have some fun.

Here are the links, add us as a friend and join us!!

Liquid Agenda on Facebook

Liquid Agenda on MySpace

Wouldn’t you know it that liquidagenda.com is taken??   Oh well, for now I think we’ll just leverage FB and MS for getting the word out.

Does anyone know of any good bars/clubs?   We will likely get in touch with the Hungry Tiger again and a friend told us about a local eatery that has bands (Rita’s)… Our goal is to be out before the end of March – early April at the latest.

Rock on!

P.S. does anyone use MySpace anymore??

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