We all do. I have so many external hard drives, flash drives, etc. that it’s ridiculous. And, inevitably – especially with the flash drives, I never have the darn things with me when I need them! Enter online storage.

This is pretty cool – check out the link in the upper right hand side of my site… it’s Diino and they are offering 2GB of free web space! They have other plans ranging from the free 2GB to a whopping 100GB… and the pricing is pretty affordable.

The only drawback (for me) is that you can only use their client with Windows based machines. So, my Mac is feeling a bit lonely right now :(. Luckily, I have 1000000000 Windows machines laying around, so this is not a problem for me to overcome.

I especially like the ability to access files from your phone, for me that’s HUGE.

Here’s a bit more info:


Diino for You!

Store, access, share and back up your digital documents, photos, music and videos easily with complete privacy. Now you can even access the files and manage your blog from your cell phone.

Make Diino a part of your digital lifestyle! Diino is the best place to store your mp3 music collection, with built-in mp3 player, and streaming to any PC or mobile device. Buy a track once, put in into your Diino store and stream it anywhere, anytime. Your Diino account is a convenient and easy way to do more with the internet.

Wouldn’t it be great to capture a scene with your camera phone whilst on your travels, add your thoughts at that precise moment, and send them to a webpage for all your friends and colleagues to see. Well, with Diino you can do exactly that! Welcome to the world of blogging – Diino makes it as easy as it can be.

Store all your important files on your Diino. This means that if you lose your memory stick or your computer crashes you still have all your files intact on your Diino!

If it’s important, Diino it!

Diino provides you with an online photo album. Store, share, manage and access your photos easily with Diino.

Access and share files even when you’re thousands of miles from home. Diino mobile bridge gives you mobile file access for documents, photos, and music through your cell phone.

Store, share, manage and access your school work files online easily with Diino.

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