I finally took a swipe at cleaning out my office – what a MESS! I waited entirely too long to get it done, but it’s about 94% complete and I’m starting to feel better already.

As I was cleaning up – I found these pictures and decided to scan them in and post them up – ENJOY!

Dad Maplewood Cabins
My Dad at some place with Private Showers… who knows what that was all about!

Dad as a Young Man
My Dad again, a really small picture…

Dad Kindergarten Picture

I can see my son in this picture big time – my Dad’s Kindergarten picture!

Frank, John, Jimmy

Fran, John and Jimmy – three brothers.

Frank and Jimmy?? Dunno..

Jimmy and his brother Frank?

Brother Frank Young Man

My Brother Frank a real looong time ago…

Me and Lori

My Cousin Lori Ann and I… probably doing some singing or something!


Man, I really was cute (keyword: was)

Me again

My mom always made me wear weird stuff…

Me Once more

I can make you an offer you can’t refuse…mom and dad

Last but not least – my Mom and Dad…

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