This is going to make me crazy…

Not only am I having issues printing stuff I have “color correction” issues as well. This is something I’ve known about for a while. I use a MacBook Pro for my main computer, with a second display. Forget about getting both displays to look the same… I’ve tried, and I cannot manually get the job done.

One display shows one color, hue, vibrancy – the other is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Okay, I can live with that for now, since most people have different monitors, LCD, etc. and it helps me to see what it will look on with different “temperatures”. By that I mean the HP LCD monitor I’m using (and the Samsung before that) give you the ability to change the color temperature.

That notwithstanding, now I’m having issues between the color that is in my apps (using a combination of iPhoto, Aperture 2.0 and Photoshop) and what I see on the web. I actually read a pretty decent article on the web recently by The Pioneer Woman.

Foliage Vignette

Wordpress Foliage Version

<– I tried a few of the things she suggested in that article, but still am getting varying results.   For example, this is a recent picture I took for Dig Our Pics.

When I posted the shot on my WordPress photoblog, it came out like this –>

The WordPress photoblog version SUCKS, to put it mildly… what the heck is going on here?   Does WordPress use some strange algorithm that is killing my picture? I know that it does some resizing and some compression (hmmm, maybe that’s the issue).   Actually, wait – now that I’ve had a chance to review what I just wrote, wait, now I’m still confused, because I’m using WordPress on THIS blog, and using the built-in uploader that does it’s crunching, etc. and my original stayed the origina.   Nevermind, I think my first statement was correct, the photoblog version is doing something funky!

On my previous post, I had problems printing and getting varying results.   I can understand that a bit better than what’s going on here.   It’s a real noodle scratcher.   I’ll get to the bottom of it eventually, but for now it’s a bit frustrating.

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