Well,today marks my 22nd day at the beach. it has actually been quite nice with the exception of my brain fart last Sunday… I forgot to put on sunscreen and I got FRIED!!!

So, today was very eventful. Most days are pretty quiet, kids playin the sand,water, on the jetty (crabbing) and that is about it.

Today we had two big events: 1) a jet skier broke his ribs somehow out on the water. He was in alot of pain and we had to call 911. For the record, it took 23 minutes for the ambulance to show up. An EMS showed up much sooner though.

Just as the excitement died down with that, one of the counselors from the rec program down here managed to cut open his foot and he had to be brought to the clinic for some stitches!

I am writing this on my cell phone right now and in the time it has taken me to write this, a fog has rolled in and you can’t almost see the end of the jetty!! I’ll take a picture and try to post right now.

A foggy day at the beach

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