Date Route Name Calories Burned Average HR Maximum HR
2/27/08 Outlaw Rock 351.0 137.42 161
Average Power Time Elapsed Distance Difficulty
122.82 0:51:51 10.0 Challenging

Today’s workout should be named “oh, my achin’ butt”… although it didn’t hurt during the ride, it’s been hurtin’ since the ride!!

Outlaw Rock was certainly challenging… Bill wanted me to ride for 45 minutes today – so we picked a 10-mile ride that we figured would take about that long. As you can see, it took a bit longer, mainly because there were so many hills! Actually it was one great big hill, that peaked somewhere around the 7-mile mark before going pretty much all downhill.

I guess I need to get a pair of them riding shorts, because if I have any delusions of actually trying to finish a 75-mile ride, I’m going to need all the help I can get!

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