I had posted that I was going to get the Wii Fit when it came out because it looked cool and I thought it would help me acutally STICK to a work out routine.   I wanted to try to do the P90X, but realistically, it’s way over my head and I’m not such a psycho (no offense Eileen, Paula, and everyone else doing P90X) to make it work for me.

So, I started looking on-line yesterday, just to see what all the buzz was for the Wii Fit, and there was quite a bit… as a matter of fact, all the pre-orders from places like Amazon.com, Toys-R-Us and other outlets were “sold out”.   That started making me a bit nervous.   Especially since I’m pinning my hopes and dreams on dropping some pounds and feeling better.

What did I do?   I camped out at Toys-R-Us this morning and made darn sure I wasn’t going to miss out on getting my hands on a Wii Fit!   I was #3 to purchase one!   There were TONS of them, I was ALMOST tempted to purchase like 5 of them and sell them on eBay.   But, ya know what?   I didn’t feel like getting involved in all that.

I got it home, and it did the whole BMI, weight, balance, etc.   and it came up with a Wii Fit age of 34!   Pretty impressive since in the video showing two soccer atheletes (competing for a new Wii gaming console) they both came up with ages in the 40+’s.   Hmmm…

It did come back and tell me that I was obese, based on my height, weight and BMI.   That was a bit disturbing, but it’s all based on the numbers, and I’m just going to go with it.   My goal is to lose 20 lbs in the next three months.   It isn’t going to come from doing a video game work out program alone, I know that – I really have to start eating better and LESS in order for this to actually work.

I am encouraged, however, that it’s kind of fun and the fact that it keeps track of the activities and such makes me want to beat my own scores and work harder.

More to come!

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