You ever find yourself in a situation and ask “why me”?

Earlier this week I had a “why me” experience – actually, not “me”, but Lizzy.

It was against my better judgment, but I decided to let Lizzy go over a friends house this past Monday… that’s not the part that was against my better judgment – it was letting her go on their TRAMPOLINE that was against my better judgment!

A little background: the day after Christmas last year, Lizzy broke her front teeth out (the permanent ones), while roller blading in our basement… now fast forward 8 months ahead.

By now, you probably guessed what happened… one of her girlfriends kneed her in the mouth and knocked out one of the fake teeth! It looked worse than it actually was – since the tooth that was knocked out already had a root canal, so there was no pain.

At this point, there wasn’t much to do – I had been working on the kids study room all day at that point – I took apart an old TV console thingy we bought a couple of years ago in favor of a brand new IKEA system that looks absolutely awesome, I might add…

It just so happened that the following day, Julia had her regular dental checkup – so, I managed to get the dentist to work on Lizzy’s tooth and in about an hour, she was patched up and ready to go.

** I wish I took pictures, but I had been doing so much work that I just didn’t think of it**

With the tooth incident behind us, I was ready to go back to the beach. One small thing – nobody wanted to go back to the beach! We all sat in the kids “new and improved” study room and just basked in the glow of our new room… so I didn’t fight it – I was still tired from doing all that work the day before.

End of the story, right? NO. At about 4am the next morning – Lizzy came into our bedroom in despair, the new tooth was wiggling!! “It can’t be” I said, because the dentist said he wanted this tooth to last until she was 13… so, we flipped the light on and, indeed, the tooth was cracked AGAIN. Who knows HOW or WHY it did, but it did!

The following morning, I brought Lizzy to my dentist – he was able to patch the cracked onlay and I am happy to report that it’s still in one piece and it’s still in her mouth. Who knows how long we’ll get out o this tooth – it was 8 months the first time.

You would think with Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Outdoor Soccer, Lacrosse and all the other stuff Lizzy does that she would have knocked the tooth out already? Nope, a simple few minutes on a trampoline was all it took!

I’m signing Lizzy up for Hockey next week………

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