Want to make yourself nuts??

Do this right now: go to zillow.com and type in any previous address that you used to own and if you’re like me, pull your hair out :).

So far the total appreciation on our past properties is somewhere in the $500,000 range… our first house or should I say condo has appreciated a whopping 112%! The house in East Haddam: 66% – not quite so drastic, but if we were in the market and the price was 66% higher then we bought it at – we wouldn’t have been able to afford our own house!

The good news is that our own house has appreciated 55% over the past seven years, which SHOULD put a smile on my face… BUT as you probably know that and $2 will buy me a cup of coffee!

We’re thinking about another house in the neighborhood and my agent informed me that I can’t get what I thought I could get for our house (I still think I’m right), but the difference would be around $100K and I’m just starting to get back to work so it would be a real pressure cooker, but doable.

My thought is this: if I’m going to go and spend $100K what can I accomplish at my own house for that much money? Well, quite a bit actually! What to do, what to do!

If anyone is interested in a really nice house in Wilbraham – drop me a note ;).

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Friday, August 31st, 2007
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