We did the walk to support the Connecticut ALS association on this past October 13th. What a great turn out – the day was beautiful and it really was a great cause. Being directly affected by ALS (my mother-in-law has it), we know first-hand the benefit that the ALS association provides to the people in CT.

Eileen’s Team WSB

The really cool thing was that all of Eileen’s family was able to come and a bunch of “big” Eileen’s friends came and walked as well… very cool.

As of Saturday, our team was the highest fund raiser in this walk with $4080. Thank you to everyone who made a pledge, it really helps ALOT of people! They announced that the event took in over $30,000!

This year, we will be proudly walking with over 65,000 patients, men, women, and children in order to raise funds in support of nationally driven cutting-edge ALS research and community-based patient services programs. This year marks the eighth year that The ALS Association has been working to fight ALS through their Walk to D’Feet ALS® program.

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