Workout Log for 3/5/2008

Date: 3/5/3008
Route: Drifter’s Peak
Calories burned: 379.43
Average Power: 137.97
Time Elapsed: 0:45:34
Distance: 10.1 miles
Difficulty: Challenging

Finally, today I felt like I made a little forward progress… I did 10 miles in (well almost) 45 minutes!

This particular course “Drifter’s Peak” was pretty interesting – it was set in Space! That didn’t change the hills, unfortunately. The “peak” was a 41% grade hill! Again, I was encouraged that I was able to keep ahead of my pacer by an average of 4:00, which means I should probably crank up the pacer a bit, but for now it makes me feel like I’m REALLY accomplishing something.

I think that three days of skiing helped me out – or should I say that riding the bike for the past few weeks really helped my skiing! The un-groomed conditions at Okemo this weekend really put my legs to the test – especially my quads. I felt like they were going to burn off and explode at many points during my first few runs each day, but because of the riding, I think I was able to recover faster and get past the “burn” and really enjoy some good skiing.

Another week or so of the 10 mile runs and I think I’ll try something a bit longer. Right now, my butt can only handle about 45-55 minutes of riding before I feel like it’s going to explode from my body (alot of exploding body parts, huh?).

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
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