I just got an automated phone call from account services calling about my credit card. The message never identified what credit card company it was from, nor who the cardholder was supposed to be. It just wanted me to press 1 to speak to a live operator so they could lower my interest rate.

I’m sure the point of this is to get you to give up your card number. I knew it was a scam because (in addition to the lack of identification) the phone number on Caller ID came up “unknown”.   I’ve been getting these calls from several sources, the one being Deland, FL (368-736-8732) ** I called it back, it was a disconnected telephone number *** and the latest from 5-062-220-4187 (obviously spoofed).

BE VERY CAREFUL, especially during the upcoming shopping season.

  • Never, ever give your credit card number to someone who called you. Even if you believe it really is the fraud department from your credit card, for example, you should hang up and call the number on the back of your credit card (NOT the number the caller leaves or gives you over the phone), and from there be connected to the fraud department.
  • I’ve been contacted by Bank Of America before, regarding suspicious charges on my credit card.   Usually when I’m traveling outside my normal area and spending alot of money, it throws a red flag on the account and they will call.   They NEVER ask for the credit card over the phone, but they did ask for the last few charges, just to verify the account.     Again, since the callerID matched up and they weren’t asking for any personally identifiable information (such as my SSN), I was okay.

Just thought you should be aware of these goings ons.   My crusade to find these idiots is mainly to report them to the powers that be because ALL my phone numbers are on DNC lists – if I’m being solicited and I’m on a DO NOT CALL list – it’s a BIG fine for the company that makes the call.

Watch out, I’m a comin’!

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