I’m sure you all (cuz) have been wondering if I fell off the face of the earth lately. After all, I posted all of three new entries in the past month (which is alot for me).

What have I been doing?   Lots!

My friend Dan (the guitar player from my last band) has put the fire under my backside to get my business rolling again.   Since he’s in a similar boat (needing money), he’s offered to go out and market my business along with his business Custom Tinting.

Since I cannot turn down an offer to help grow my business, it was time for me to re-tool my existing website.   Especially if I’m going to put it out to the world, or at least a much wider audience.   I’ve been doing this stuff for more than 10 years, so I really wanted to make my site a little more dynamic than it has been in the past.

Here it is: Internet Design Company

I still need to put together a small logo and put a bit more content into the site, but I’m pretty happy so far with the result.

For all of you that are reading this: PLEASE SEND ME REFERRALS!   I do a wide variety of work – from website development (simple HTML sites to complex CMS sites) as well as HOSTING.   The part of the business I really want to grow is the hosting piece as I feel like I can finally say I’m offering a very solid and reliable product.

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