Before you go and give me crap about giving TOO MUCH INFORMATION, G.A.S. doesn’t mean having an uncontrollable flatulent problem (although I’ve been accused of that in the past)… G.A.S. is an acronym for “Gear Acquisition Syndrome”.

At the moment, I’m down (DOWN mind you) to three electric basses (two Fender and one Ibanez) and an acoustic bass (Ovation). I’m also “thinning the heard” for the amps I own… right now it’s a SWR Super Redhead, Peavey Mark VIII XP, and a Peavey BAM… Finally, I’m down to my last three speaker cabs, a Crate 1×15, a Hartke 4×10 and an Ampeg 2×12.

Some of the stuff I have listed on for the moment, until I finally break down and face the fact that I’m not going to get as much as I have into them and list them on eBay. I really don’t want to do that because 1) I’ll be sure to lose money and 2) not only will I lose money, I have to PAY eBay to list the damn thing and pay again for the final auction price and PAY AGAIN if they pay via PayPal.

Okay, enough whining – here’s what I’m for (right now):

Lakland Joe Osborn 41) Lakland Joe Osborn 4 – listed on eBay right now, but I can’t bid on it until something else sells. Well, I could actually bid and win this bass, but I’m sure that a certain wife of mine might get just a tad perturbed with me 🙂 – we wouldn’t want that! What really frosts my cookies is that I was in Chicago earlier this month (4/5) and the one and only day I was literally 5 blocks away from the Lakland factory THEY WERE CLOSED for the Easter holiday. Perhaps that’s just God trying to tell me I really DON’T need another bass?

Jerry Jones Single Cutaway Shorthorn BassJerry Jones Single Cutaway Shorthorn Bass2) Jerry Jones Single Cutaway – I’ve actually been looking for one of these for a good four+ years. I’ve seen plenty of the double cutaways and the Longhorn models (which I really don’t like the way they look)… so, in doing my monthly search on Google, I stumbled across this beauty… of course, it was SOLD. I’m bummed because you don’t see too many of these, and I really think the black is sweeeeet!

Jerry Jones Double Cutaway Shorthorn BassAs I said, I’ve seen plenty of the double cutaway Shorthorn basses, I actually put a bid on one, just ‘cuz 🙂 – this one does look sweet, in what is called a “Cadillac Green” – it’s a really purdy bass, but the catch is that you gotta buy BOTH basses listed on the auction (the BIN price is $2280)… I like the bass and all, but not $2280 worth!

So if you want to help my G.A.S. problem and have either of the above mentioned basses and you want to “get rid” of them, drop me a line and I can (for now) spell relief B-A-S-S!

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