Yep, it wasn’t the best Friday the 13th, yet – that’s for sure!

Actually, it started out pretty cool, I got an early Father’s Day gift from Eileen: A Magellan 4250 GPS!   We’ve been needing something a bit more reliable than the one I got for our Smartphones, so I was psyched!   I took it for a spin and I’m happy to report, it did a pretty decent job with directions.

Now for the subject of my post: Lucky to be alive.   Strangely enough, I didn’t have any mishaps with the GPS, driving or anything to that effect.   No, I had something more special for sure…

I got back to my desk, and to make a long story short, I moved it back from the window, about 1.5 feet so I could get a vent for a standing air conditioner in the window.   The air conditioner didn’t work so well, so I took the vent out of the window.   I decided to move the desk back to it’s original position.

That’s when the fun began!   I pushed it back, and noticed that the back part of the desk had come loose from one of the legs, must have been the pressure of pushing the desk, I though, NO BIGGIE, I’ll get under there, push it up with my back, and slip it back into the holes.

When I did that, I couldn’t quite get the angle right, so I pushed it in and pushed it back and then POP! the damn whole left side of the table came OFF and the entire weight of the desk came down on my back!   I was FREAKING OUT.   I didn’t have a phone neaar me, and I literally had 300+ lbs of loose change, books, computer stuff, etc. on my back!

I frantically tried to get the leg back into position (to no avail) because the weight was so heavy, that I couldn’t lift the desk high enough to get the leg back into position.   I had to keep tellling myself not to freak out, because at this point, the desk was dragging me down with it’s weight and I couldn’t hold it much longer.   I managed to get the leg out and with one big push I wedged it under the table enough to get out from under it.   About 2 seconds later, this happeend:

desk dibacle

Not sure if you can tell, but the area in the corner under the scanner is where I was wedged.   I was damn lucky I could get out of it without getting completely damaged!   My back is hurting now, but like I said, it could have been alot worse, if it had just come down on me – I’d stil be under there!

Happy Friday the 13th!

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