I can hardly believe it, but I am actually creating this post on my shiny new iPhone!

It is unbelievable that I held out as long as I did, considering the first iPhone came out a year ago. But in that year’s time, I actually purchased two other smartphones! Needless to say, they sucked and I never was very happy with them.

So, I sit here with my 16GB White iPhone and just tap away and do all those things I wish I could do for the past 10 years I have owned cell phones.

There are a few issues I am having with coverage (AT&T said I would have moderate coverage at both my house in Wilbraham AND at our place at the beach… Well, take AT&T’s coverage map with a grain of salt! That is proving to be a bit of a bummer. BUT, when I have either 3g coverage OR a Wi-Fi connection, this baby SCREAMS!

More to follow, there are a ton of apps I need to try as well as video and all the other cool stuff.

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