Although this year, I really didn’t get into much April Fool’s jokes, I love doing them when the opportunity presents itself.

The only gag I pulled was on a friend that is working on a new pavilion for their soccer club. The week before they had done a ton of work on it, put two of the four walls up and were saving the rest for the following weekend – little did they realize that they didn’t reinforce the walls enough and we had some pretty strong winds and well… you get the picture.

So, the following week, they had to go back and redo the work they had done the previous week.

I just couldn’t resist 🙂 – I called my friend the morning of April 1st and said “hey man, I just came in from getting coffee – have you driven by the fields this morning?” – there was a eerie silence on the other end of the phone. I continued, “yeah, so those walls you put up yesterday, they’re back down again – didn’t you hear that wind last night??”. Again, dead silence… since I knew that this was a big pain in the butt for them, I didn’t let him suffer very long – well, about 10 minutes -LOL- I would have had him get into his car and drive down there, but it was pretty early Sunday morning so I fessed up.

This all came back to me today when I saw that Google had done an April Fool’s joke themselves – and I remember seeing the joke, but believe it or not, it went right over my head – DUH. For those of you, like me, that looked at it and completely missed it – click here to view the gag!

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