Yep, I’m starting my holiday shopping already! I like to get stuff on sale and I like to think that I got a bargain (even though I probably didn’t)… but it’s all about getting it done BEFORE December so that I’m not a stressed out freak running around last minute buying gifts!

That said, I started looking thru some of my links and decided to put a few of them up here for anyone else who’s looking to get it done early this year. Let me know how you make out!

I mentioned this in a previous post – not really a x-mas/holiday related gift, BUT it will save you some cash if you’re going to New York we’re going the day after Thanksgiving – I’m definately buying one or more of these:

The New York Pass

The other thing I’m notoriously good at is getting my Christmas cards done in November. I started this years ago, and I tell you it cuts down on stress BIG TIME. I use VistaPrint for business cards, Christmas cards, etc. nothing but good things to say about them.:
Free Shipping on Orders over $50 at!

Shhh… don’t tell Eileen, but I’m getting ME one of these for Christmas:

Apple Store

For your favorite musician:

This website usually has some really very good deals on all kinds of stuff:


We had these for all the kids – lots of fun and they LOVED it:

Personalized Children's Music

Name Trains

I’ll post more when I have some time!

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