I’m sure I am not alone in this one, but I can’t believe that the Patriots DIDN’T fulfill their destiny and become the first 19-0 team in NFL history.

Was it me or did they look like the won the game before it started and then OOPS, there were these persnickety Giants and they just won’t go away.

Tell you what, I wish I had 7-3 in a football pool!   That would have been some good money.

There was a few really good plays, in the game, but the biggie was the Eli Manning play where he broke like 1,000 defenders and managed to squeeze off this crazy pass, which which had an even crazier catch.   At that point I said, the Pats are cooked.   There was no way that Manning should have made it out of that sack, nor should he have made the pass NOR should the receiver actually CAUGHT the thing!   It was actually pretty cool.

Now I tell you this because I’m not a Patriots fan.    I live in Mass, but I still don’t like the Pats.   Don’t get me wrong, I would have been happy if the Patriots won the Super Bowl the same year the Red Sox won the World Series and who knows, the year the Celtics win the (whatever the basketball thing is called).   But deep down, I just couldn’t watch another come-from-behind, skin of their teeth, luckier than sh*t win.   They had so many this year that I was cringing in the last 10 seconds of the game last night, waiting for one of those hail-mary passes to get caught and run in with zero seconds on the clock.

So, to my delight, that didn’t happen.   Schmock wearing Belechuck (Belecheck, Bellachick) — I’m too lazy to look up his spelling, and Mr. Quite guy Brady – didn’t pull off the ultimate history, going undefeated.   But let’s not get out the pity party just yet, they are still multi-millionaires and still got the best playing time ahead of them.   They’ll be back next year, and I’m sure they’ll delight their fans again.

Who knows, perhaps since I feel better that they didn’t win, I can feel better about liking the Patriots and become a bandwagon fan.

I’ll still be happy to see the Steelers beat the Patriots again, but we’ll talk about that next season!

Go Giants!

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