Descriptive Writing by Lizzy

Ya know, my kids are a mystery sometimes.     Lizzy tells me that she has problems writing and proceeds to whip out the following in about two minutes flat.   If I could get her to slow down and go thru a few edits, who knows what her mind could think up!

“I am in the city with no sleep.   At night the city wakes up with blinding light on every building   The smell is enough to knock you down.   The lights on the buildings look like a spreading virus you can’t get rid of.   I step off the subway with the city’s greeting.   It blabbers, it gossips, something that sounds like this: honk, beep, hey!, honk, honk!   The city’s street lights watch me with beady eyes, waiting for me to step into the spotlight and shrivel up.   Too bad they don’t think before they watch.   I walk down the concrete colored sidewalk.   Everyone starts to rush and you get the illusion of a living city: breathing, talking, watching.”

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Friday, December 19th, 2008
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