Coolest (est) thing, why’d I wait?

I’ve been putting off the purchase for a couple of months – what, you might ask?  I needed to purchase Adobe Photoshop and I’ve been procrastinating something fierce.

I had used a copy I had laying around for some time, but it was way outdated and it was time to upgrade.  So, I looked around a bit, and was a bit put off with the sticker price of CS4 extended ($999).  My thought was that I’d go the CS3 route.  Still kind of pricey, even on eBay.  Plus, I wanted to go with the latest version and be done with the upgrades for several years… so I was on a quest.

What I did was purchase a standard version of CS3 off eBay for $299.  Then purchased an upgrade for CS4 Extended for $359… and in the process saved myself about $350.

It makes me feel better about the purchase when I don’t pay full sticker price for something… it just does.

My latest creations with CS4:  Updated Panoramics

Click on the thumbnail, and then click on the larger picture to view them in “lightbox” mode – way cool.

Now I just need to figure out how to print them out!  The first one was done at a friend’s house and I’d love to print that out for them.

Of the 1% of Photoshop that I know (and I’ve been using it for 10 years), this is one of the coolest ones.  That and creating stacks of long-exposure star-trails and then creating a smart object and then a maximum (or minimum) or ?

Actually, after all was said and done, I found an action in Bridge CS4 that basically does all those steps for you!  Way cool.

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Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
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