Came across this while cleaning out my hard drive…

So, you have many nagging questions I bet… why is the sky blue, where does the sun go at night, and so forth…

Here’s one that I had for a very long time and I just found it again after cleaning up an old hard-drive backup I had laying around: What price does Maggie Simpson ring up as in the opening credits to the Simpsons?

Well, I had one of those video capture cards a while back and did a capture of the frame and here it is!

Maggie Price

And here’s a little explaination I found as to her cost:

$847.63 is a figure once given as the amount of money required to raise a baby for one month in the United States.

Having raised 3 babies in my time – that number seems a bit dated!

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Thursday, July 12th, 2007
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