I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing – but in the meantime, I’m learning alot about a new piece of software I recently purchased: Aperture 2.

I like the way it works, and I need to eventually pick whether I’m giong to continue keeping pictures in my iPhoto library or convert them over to Aperture.   There are 16,803 pictures in my iPhoto library and I’m not convinced that ALL of them need to come over.   For the time being, I’m importing the pictures into iPhoto and if they are in need of touching up or other photo editing, I’m importing them into Aperture.   I know it’s a two-step process, but like I said, I haven’t decided to make the jump just yet.

Here’s something that was pretty cool – a before and after type shot.   A few weeks ago, Lizzy had a soccer game up at Hampshire United’s home field (in the middle of nowhere).   It was late in the day and the shadows were pretty intense.   Obviously, you can’t use a flash in these situations, especially all the way across the field, such as the shot below.

You can see how much I was able to adjust the picture using Apeture.   I know you can do this in Photoshop as well, but it was really simple doing this in Apeture – I might have done some tweaking in Photoshop as well, but I just wanted to show how a few minutes of tweaking can really make a difference:



Huge difference, huh?   The one thing I noticed was that there were three soccer players in the picture!   When looking quickly at the thumbnails, you kind of make out one player, but the other two were obscured by shadows.

To make this shot come to life, I tweaked the levels a bit, tweaked the Shadows and finally adjusted the color of the sky adding a bit of Hue, Saturation and dropping the Luminance a taste.

There you have it, a quick and dirty before and after.   It actually took me longer to type this post than it did for me to clean up the image!

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