I just can’t stop myself sometimes… I get an idea in my head and I just got to pursue it. It’s probably because I’m in between bands right now and I have nothing better to do but sell instruments instead of playing them!

Last night, Dan and I did a little bit of shopping and I came across a pretty decent (actually like NEW) ’05 Fender MIM Jazz bass. It was just what I was looking for! Since I’ve been wanting to get rid of my Fiesta Red bass- mainly because I have too many basses and I just don’t like it anymore, I thought, hmmm… could this be the answer to my latest bass jones??? I took apart my Fiesta Red body and put the pick guard and neck on the Sunburst… looks pretty SWEET. I might swap out the pick guard from the black pearl to a tortoise pick guard… but time will tell.

Here’s the final product (click to enlarge):

The last bit of tweaking I’m going to do to this bass is swap out the stock pickups and replace them with the Fender Custom Shop Noiseless pickups. Then, if that all goes well, I MIGHT put an Audere bass preamp! I put one in my Signature Jazz bass and I really like the tone it puts out…

Anybody want dibs on the Fiesta Red bass???

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