Date Route Name Calories Burned Average HR Maximum HR Average Power Time Elapsed Distance Difficulty
2/25/08 Stump Puller 213.11 137.42 161 122.82 0:28:45 6.9 Moderate

Today’s workout was a bit easier, because the course I picked only had one really good sized hill then it pretty much flattened out for the remainder of the course.I was encouraged that I didn’t have to put my heart rate into the 170’s again, so that’s a plus… but my rear-end was achin’! Looks like a pair of riding shorts is in my near future.

As I’m feeling better about my ride, my weights portion of the workout wasn’t as fun. Bill, the personal trainer I’m working with, is killing me. Not only is he bumping up the weight, he’s making me do more reps! Damn it Bill! Well, I guess I really shouldn’t complain, it’s for my own good – but I still do complain. Until I have arms like some of the chicks at the YMCA, I’m just gonna keep on bitchin’ too! I mean, c’mon what’s up with that?

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