Hello All,

I wanted to send you, as people we wouldn’t mind spending 9 days on a cruise ship, some info regarding a cruise in April 2009 (yes, that’s right…start the penny jar now to save up).   Some highlights:

1) We’ve confirmed this aligns with April   2009 School Vacation for us.   We would leave on Friday (yes, they’d miss school) April 17th and Return on Sunday April 26th.

2) The boat leaves from Cape Liberty NJ and returns on Sunday at 8am.   Plenty of time to get home and rest up for the next day

3) No Flights needed for the New Englanders

4) I have connected with a travel agent that helped us book a cruise on Royal Caribbean with my mom in April 2007.   We sailed on the same ship.   She’s willing to help any of you, answer any questions and she DOES NOT CHARGE A FEE.   She was unbelievable and a tremendous help.

5) Booking early saves money.   Booking as a group of at least 8 cabins, saves money.    We can hold cabins with the Groups Department for about 30-60 days (depending on cabin type).   This allows people a little more time to decide if they’re not sure.   At the moment, early booking savings apply to the rates.   Another BIG reason to book early is for better choice of cabin location and more availability of cabins that may hold more than 2 people.

6) Sharing rooms.   Vicki can help coordinate families since most cabins will only hold 4 people at a time.   There’s no “sneaking” someone in because everyone needs a passport.   They can even be near each other.

6) This has become a VERY Popular sail for New Englanders.   It will sell out early

7) Sea Sickness. The itinerary is attached.   There are 4 days at Sea but all other days, the boat moves at night.   We used the SeaBands with James, me and my mom.   They are a simply bracelet you wear.   No medication.   We were fine with them.

8) Passports – everyone will need them.   You can apply at the town hall or post office.   You should do it in the next few months if you plan to go.

Our two cents.   We had ages 3 to 13 and all the kids had a blast.   Licensed children’s program and all of them are Free.   However, there’s lots to do as a family.   This boat has rock climbing, basketball, volleyball, In line skate track, miniature golf, ice skating rink etc.   There is also a great fitness center, SPA  etc.   You never have to leave the boat if you don’t want to.   We enjoyed the nice mix of spending time with the kids, spending time alone as a couple and spending time together with Family.

See below for a basic flyer she put together and you can also go online to see information.

Please get back to me if you are interested as if we have at least 8 rooms.

Our kids can’t wait to go again….here’s the link to Royal Caribbean http://www.royalcaribbean.com/home.do

Cruise Flyer April 2009

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