I want my babyback, babyback, babyback… ribs

I made ribs this week – they were so yummy!   Best part was the leftovers – let me tell you.

To start, I took babyback ribs (pork) and hit them with a rub.   I wrapped them in foil and stuck them in a bar-b-que stand thingy (do you like my technical lingo?).

I smoked them over indirect heat for about five hours – and then to finish them, I took them off the bar-b-que grill and put them on the regular grill.   I put a slather of bar-b-que sauce on them and just let the sauce caramelize on the heat.

Whoa, they were DELISH!

So, I had a bunch of leftovers because Lizzy and I are the only ones that will eat the ribs.   What to do with the leftovers??

I grabbed my trusty crock pot this morning and put the ribs in along with a couple of bottles of Guinness 250 and some bar-b-que sauce (I used Sweet Baby Ray’s).

Holy smokes, GOOD EATS!

Here are some pics for you:


I recommend you try this, you’ll love it!!!

(FYI, I’m too lazy to do it right now, but next batch I’ll take step-by-step pictures as well as give you the exact rubs, etc.)

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