If you’re like me you’ve tried out JA Submit (or tried to) and had some issues to deal with along the way. I know I had some problems with a couple of items, which I was able to figure out once I turned on PHP error reporting (being a PHP noob, that was fun enough!). Once I got that resolved, I came up with a pretty funky error (only on IE) that was complaining about a function not being defined.

I scoured the web for an answer – I have a website configured with Joomla 1.0.12, JCE 1.1.0 beta 2, and a bunch of other stuff – the answer I found wasn’t the one I wanted to hear: JA Submit doesn’t work with JCE, go find something else to use!

Hmmm, I thought – could this be true, could it be that I can’t use the one component I REALLY wanted to use (JA Submit) with the editor I REALLY wanted to use (JCE)?? Being from an IT background and from a testing background at that, I just couldn’t let it go – so I started digging. Guess what? I FIGURED IT OUT!!

I found that for whatever reason ja_submit.html.php wasn’t calling the .JS files needed for JCE to work properly. I added the following code at line 25 in ja_submit.html.php and viola! it worked just like it’s supposed to!

Remember if you use this code to replace the yourwebsite.com with your website’s url… also , look at the line where it references the .css for the particular template (if used) you have and change the path there too.

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